.Net XML流行课程帮助学生找到实习
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.Net XML course helps students on the job


.NET and XML course helps students on the job

80 students who are working in practical training jobs are currently enrolled in the distance education course, “.NET and XML.” Enrollment in distance courses is usually limited to 50, but because this course is so popular, instructor Ralph Bunker, Ph.D., agreed to allow extra students to participate.

Students in Dr. Bunker’s “.NET and XML” course last year rated the course and the instructor as one of the best. “XML is a cutting-edge technology of significant value to my career,” reported one student. “This material is directly related to my current profession,” reported another. “I enjoy being able to experiment with the different examples that Dr. Bunker has provided. The frequent lab assignments are really good.”

Students were equally enthusiastic about the professor. “Professor Bunker is a really good teacher. He makes this course easy. He is not just a teacher, he is a friend,” commented one student.  Students voted Dr. Bunker the Outstanding Teacher in 2001 and 2002.

During their 2-year practical training work at a U.S. company, students complete 4 or 5 distance education courses, depending on their entry track. Each course lasts 12 weeks. Students receive videotaped lessons on CD-ROMs and access their assignments and labs through a course Web page. Midterm and final exams are taken under a proctor at a local library. Students interact with the professor and with each other via an online message board.

“We really make an effort to be highly responsive to students either by email or IM. If they have a question or issue, it can usually be resolved very quickly,” said Margaret Phillips, Distance Education Coordinator

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